Diploma of Business BSB50215

Why should I do a Diploma of Business course?

Our BSB50215 Diploma of Business course has been developed against the Australian Quality Framework for business management. The course is designed to develop your management skills and teach you to share your business vision with the world. The practical skills you will learn will equip you to effectively market a brand, manage your risk and finances strategically and stay innovative in challenging market conditions.

So, whether you want to run your own business, or be that pivotal person in your organisation, this qualification will open doors and create rewarding opportunities for you.

Please note. Our BSB50215 Diploma of Business supersedes and is equivalent to the BSB50207 Diploma of Business. You can find out more on the National VET Register here: http://training.gov.au/Training/Details/BSB50215.


What career opportunities are available?

With a BSB50215 Diploma of Business qualification, the skills you learn can help you find jobs in all areas of the business sector, such as:

  • Entrepreneur –Create and build your own brand, turning your vision into reality.
  • Executive Officer –Work to grow and maintain operations of a business.
  • Business Development Manager –Responsible for maintaining the growth of a business and taking care of clients’ needs and accounts.
  • Project Manager or Co-ordinator-Co-ordinate and manage the development and the implementations of projects.
  • Office Manager –Manage and be responsible for the day-to-day activities of a business.


What are the benefits of online learning?

There are many advantages of undertaking a course online.

  • Support network – you won’t miss out on having the traditional classroom support with Edna. Our students have a dedicated forum set up specially for them to interact with other students to leverage support and knowledge off!
  • Flexibility – study anytime, anywhere and you dictate the time it takes for you to finish the course
  • Faster support – instead of waiting for your next class to ask a question, you can simply e-mail your Trainer and get a response within 24-hours (excluding weekends)
  • Distance is no longer a factor – with modern technology, those who lived in rural areas or those who would have originally have found it very challenging to undertake further study in person can now learn in the comforts of their own home with the support and help of a dedicated team of Trainers
  • More affordable options – you can save a lot of time and money by eliminating travel time and costs, babysitting costs, and other miscellaneous costs involved with face-to-face training


What will I learn in my Diploma of Business course?

  • BSBFIM501 -Manage budgets and financial plans
  • BSBHRM506 -Manage recruitment selection and induction processes
  • BSBINN502 – Build and sustain an innovative work environment
  • BSBMKG413  – Promote products and services
  • BSBMKG501 -Establish and adjust the marketing mix
  • BSBMKG502- Establish and adjust the marketing mix
  • BSBPMG522 -Undertake project work
  • BSBRSK501 -Manage risk


What does a Diploma of Business usually cost?

According to MySkills (an Australian Government Department of Education and Training initiative), the average price of a Diploma of Business is $9,600. With Edna, it will only cost you $2,448 – online self-study, $4,494 – online study with webinar classes twice a week.

Why is it much more expensive with other education institutions?

We don’t spend exorbitant amounts on fancy advertising or endorsements. We do our best to find that balance to keep out any unnecessary costs and focus on delivering quality education instead. We rely on word of mouth about the quality of our service and collaborations with other like minds to increase our brand awareness. We believe in growing organically and in giving back to the communities we serve. All this helps us deliver our nationally recognised BSB50215 Diploma of Business to you at a more affordable price.

What are my employment prospects like with a Diploma of Business?

According to MySkills, 30.8% of people who were not employed before starting their course were employed within 6-months of graduating. 85.9% of graduates are employed or choose to undertake further study within 6-months of graduating. The median salary of those employed in their first full-time job with a Diploma of Business is $45,700. The median salary of those employed in their first full-time job with a diploma qualification in other areas is $44,300.



Destina           After the successful completion of the course This
All Diploma courses
Employed or in further study after training (%) 85.9 89.9 88.1
Employment outcomes:

Employed (%)

Full-time (%)

Part-time (%)













Further study outcomes:

Enrolled at University (%)

Enrolled at TAFE (%)

Enrolled at Other provider (%)













Satisfied with the training (%) 85.0 86.0 84.3
Received job-related benefits from training (%) 55.4 56.0 63.7
Received personal benefits from training (%) 90.5 93.0 94.8
Achieved main reason for undertaking training (%) 74.8 80.7 82
Recommend the training to other (%) 87.3 90.7 90.1
  1. All statistics are supplied by the National Centre for Vocational Education Research and is current as of the 1st of February 2017. The estimate has a relative standard error greater than 25% and therefore should be used with caution. NCVER does not report on estimates based on less than 5 respondents because the estimates are unreliable.

Entry Requirements

  • Be aged 18 years or over
  • Can meet the language, literacy and numeracy requirements to study at a diploma level
  • Hold a Year 10 certificate or equivalent

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*  Classes will be held via our online platform twice a week


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