Anytime people are looking into a specific course they want to see what job opportunities are available in that specific field and accounting is no different. One of the advantages of accounting over some of the other subjects is that undertaking an online course doesn’t have an impact on your learning because most of the subject is related […]

Job options for a Bookkeeping and  Accounting Certificate IV qualification A bookkeeper is responsible for maintaining accurate records of the financial transactions of a business or company. If you are looking for work, and have a Certificate IV qualification in bookkeeping or, you are currently taking or intending to enrol in other online courses in bookkeeping to […]

Square has grown from its small beginnings as a mobile credit card reader to become an established name in the industry. Some might even argue it is now one of the most trusted names for those looking to accept payments. Especially online and on their mobile devices – with over 3 million businesses using Square, […]

The first version of Quickbooks was launched in 1992. Intuit, the company behind it, has released several successive versions since then. Today, Quickbooks is one of the leading small business accounting software systems on the market, utilized by thousands of small businesses across all industries. Quickbooks are easy to use and understand. One of the […]

MYOB Accounting is Australia’s leading accounting software and has been since the late 1980s. The reason for this is simple – MYOB is simply one of the best options available on the market, providing all of the critical features required by accountants and bookkeepers to complete the most common tasks with ease and speed.  This […]

The accounting profession is currently undergoing a process of change. Technological advancements in recent years have affected the way accountants carry out their activities. As a result, there are several options for accounting software with new technologies that individual accountants and firms can use.  However, not all accounting software comes at par when it comes […]

What does CPA stand for? In today’s society,  going the extra mile to obtain further certificates and qualifications on top of your bachelor’s degree is important. It not only sets you apart from your peers, but it also lets the public and employers know that you are certified in a specific field. If you are […]

Many Australians believe bookkeeping and accounting are interchangeable. Although they share some similar tasks and responsibilities, they are distinctively different. Accounting and bookkeeping both work to aid businesses in understanding their finances and financial health, but there are some vital dissimilarities between the tasks of a bookkeeper and an accountant. It is important to understand […]

Many Australian students enrol in subjects without really understanding what tasks they will complete once they have graduated. Many students who are searching for educational courses make decisions based on the earning potential of a specific job. They would Google terms such as ‘how much money does a bookkeeper earn’ or ‘job security in the […]