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Overview How to Enrol Choosing a Course Online vs Classroom


For many students, traditional classroom coursework and attendance is simply not possible. You may have work and family commitments that requires flexibility which on-campus programs do not cater for. Why should that stop you from chasing your dream career?

With Edna, you can search for a wide range of quality, nationally recognised certificate and diploma courses for you to choose from. We have screened and selected only quality and trusted education providers so that you can get the knowledge and skills you need without having to worry as to whether the provider is reliable.

Did you know that in 2017, over 4.2 million people were enrolled in a certificate or diploma course in Australia? Just under half of those enrolments were for online courses! Many of the enrolments were from those already in the workforce. This shows that Australians understand the need to upskill themselves to stay relevant and at the forefront of their industries, ahead of the competition.

Speak to one of our team members, or explore the various courses right here on our website to find the right course for you!

How to Enrol

Each training provider has a different enrolment process. Please visit the course you are interested in and provide your contact details and a representative of the educational institution will contact you to complete your enrolment.

Choosing a Course

Deciding on a course to help you in your career aspirations does not have to be complicated or confusing.

First, think about where you want to be in 1-year, in 3-years, and in 5-years time. Write down what skills and knowledge is important for you to be where you want to be, this way you can match a qualification available to the goal you are working towards. For instance, do you want to be an Office Manager at a mid-sized firm? If so, a Diploma of Leadership and Management may be what you are looking for.

Next, be informed about the entry requirements, outcomes of the course, what you will learn, what units are covered, what the assessments are like, what university pathways are available, and most importantly, what level of support you will receive during your time studying with the college. Many may believe that they are able to do everything by themselves, just give them the workbooks, texts and assessments and they can manage it by themselves. Findings prove otherwise. We have found that many students still need someone motivating them and supporting them throughout the course - it may be a small push to remind them to complete a task, or it could be connecting them to career counsellors. Different providers offer varied levels of support, so be sure to understand what support is available to you before you enrol.

Finally, make sure you don't procrastinate. We always tell ourselves that we want something, but delay our actions needed to achieve our dreams. Take the first step today!


Online vs Classroom

Online Learning vs Classroom Learning

If you are thinking of starting a career in accountancy and are looking for a bookkeeping course to get you on your way, it may be hard to decide what kind of learning platform will be best for you. Do classroom courses, such as evening classes, offer a better learning experience, or will you get more benefit from undertaking an Australian online course instead?

More people are moving away from classroom-based learning, and moving towards online and distance learning. But, does that mean that online learning is better? There are arguments for and against both learning delivery methods, but which is the best option for you?

Traditional, classroom-based training is a tried and tested method for learning. The advantages are that you can ask your Trainer a question or for help and get an immediate response (because they are in the same room, not hundreds or thousands of miles away), and you are in a group situation where you can absorb input and discussions from their fellow students.

The drawback of classroom learning is that you must physically attend when the scheduled classes, there are costs incurred (such as travel costs, and babysitting costs), and you have rigid deadlines. This can be a problem if you have other commitments such as work commitments or family responsibilities. This is where online or distance learning can be more beneficial to most people. With an online course, you have more control over the pace at which you learn and when you put the hours in. You will still, in most cases, have to meet deadlines which will take extra self-discipline but, you will have the freedom to fit the course around your lifestyle and you usually have the option to request for a reasonable extension. Online courses are also catching up with classroom tuition in the area of one-on-one coaching thanks to applications such as Skype, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger.

Other advantages of online learning

  • Support network – studying a course online you doesn't mean you have to miss out on having traditional classroom support. With most providers, students have a dedicated team set up, especially for them to interact with their Trainers to leverage support and knowledge.

  • Flexibility – studying online gives you the flexibility to study at any time you want. Regardless of your schedule, your location, and your other commitments, online education can help you gain the qualification you need, for the career you want.

  • Faster support – with online study, many of our providers provide fast e-mail support (and sometimes phone support too)! You can simply e-mail your Trainer and get a quick response, instead of having to wait for your next class to access some help.

  • Distance is no longer a factor – online learning provides access to quality education programs regardless of where you live. Those of you who live outside of city centers can now learn in the comfort of your own home with the support and help of a dedicated team of Trainers.

  • More affordable options – you can save a lot of time and money by eliminating travel time and costs, babysitting costs, and other miscellaneous costs involved with face-to-face training. Most online courses are also cheaper meaning more people are able to access formal training.

So, if you believe you have the dedication to responsibly set aside time to complete the work required and you need the flexibility an online course offers, your online learning may suit you better than classroom learning. If you would like to talk to us about your options to see which one suits you best, come have a chat with us! Alternatively, you can fill in the contact form on this website and we can give you a callback at a time that suits you. We look forward to helping you with your journey. Click here to visit our homepage and explore the courses available.