Certificate in Critical Thinking for Managers

Course Information

Did you know that there are almost 31,000 management roles that need to be filled across Australia? (Source: Seek.com.au, 19 Jul 2022) and recruiters are saying that they are having a tough time filling these roles as there are not enough candidates with the requisite knowledge or experience on the market.

In an article published by The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, the number one skill most employers are looking for in their leadership and management team is their ability to critically think and develop critical and strategic thinking in their teams. Harvard Business Review also dissected a management survey conducted by Gartner in 2021 further evidencing that employers seek out managers who are able to inspire and develop critical thinking in its workforce.

This shows that employers value the importance of having a workforce that is able to think critically to add value to its business, and particularly managers within their businesses who can develop and refine these skills in their respective teams.

This makes it the perfect time to learn how you can develop critical thinking skills in others to equip you with the essential knowledge to make you a more valuable manager and leader.

What you will learn

This short course has been developed in consultation with experts in the industry, reviewed by a learning psychologist and designed to be completed at your own pace.

There are 2 modules in total in this program and you will learn the core skills and knowledge on critical thinking.

Module 1: Apply critical thinking to work practices

Module 2: Develop critical thinking in others

Why study this course?

  • Learn essential critical thinking concepts
  • Learn from industry professionals with a wealth of experience
  • Learn at any time of the day, in the comforts of your own home or office
  • Have access to our state-of-the-art online platform with easy access
  • Receive a Critical Thinking for Managers certificate at the completion of the course


Apply critical thinking to work practices

  • Establish the role of critical thinking in workplace
  • Lead critical thinking process
  • Develop critical thinking mindset

Develop critical thinking in others

  • Assess individual and team critical and creative thinking skills
  • Establish an environment that encourages the application of critical and creative thinking
  • Monitor and improve critical thinking practices


You are able to learn at your own pace and can take as long (or as short!) as you need to complete this course. We estimate that it will take you approximately 10-hours to read the course materials provided.


There are no assessments in this short course!

We have developed this course to equip you with the knowledge you would need to better understand the various aspects of critical thinking as managers. Whilst we have developed learning exercises for you, they are not compulsory for you to complete.

Payment Options

Edna Training College accepts payment for course fees through credit / debit card.

Fees for this course are payable at enrolment.