RTO Policies & Procedures and Documents Pack

An RTO’s Policies and Procedures manual sits at the core of all of your training and assessment operations. If your Policies and Procedures manual is not compliant, it can cause a lot of errors, inconsistencies and problems for your RTO. You can now access our comprehensive Policies and Procedures manual to help you keep your RTO running compliantly!

What are RTO Policies & Procedures?

Each successful RTO has a set of policies and procedures that they follow and use to guide them in making important decisions.

Our policies and procedures manual together with the supporting forms and templates have been carefully developed to provide you with a best practice approach and to ensure compliance to the RTO Standards. The comprehensive system has been developed with a strong focus on quality outcomes and efficient practices for your RTO.

Unlike many other manuals on the market, our policies and procedures manual can be easily customised to your specific RTO’s operations, regardless of the size of your organisation.


What is included in our Policies & Procedures and Documents Pack

The value for money package includes:

  • RTO policies and procedures manual covering:
    • Academic Integrity
    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Assessment Validation
    • Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment
    • Complaints and Appeals
    • Continuous Improvement
    • Core Skills Support
    • Credit Transfer
    • Critical Incident Response
    • Cultural Awareness
    • Deferral, Suspension and Withdrawal
    • Enrolments
    • Fees and Refunds
    • Financial Management
    • Fit and Proper Person
    • Individual Learner Needs
    • Industry Engagement
    • Information Technology Acceptable Use & Security
    • Insurances
    • Interactions with Regulatory and Statutory Bodies and Reporting Obligations
    • Issuing Certificates and Outcomes
    • Learners Under 18
    • Privacy Protection
    • Recognition of Prior Learning
    • Record Keeping and Access
    • Recruitment and Induction
    • Risk Management and Internal Audit
    • Safe Training Environment
    • Staff Records Retention and Management
    • Student Code of Conduct
    • Student Completion, Progress and Attendance
    • Third-party Arrangements
    • Trainer and Assessor Competency and Currency
    • Training and Assessment Strategy
    • Training Package Transition
    • Transfer of Courses
    • Unique Student Identifier
    • Version Control
    • Work Placement
  • RTO Management and Operations forms and templates:
    • Advertisement and Marketing Campaign templates and checklists
    • Assessment Authenticity Declaration template
    • Assessment Mapping and Plan templates
    • Assessment Moderation and Validation checklists and plan
    • Attendance Record form
    • BackUp Schedule template
    • Cancellation of Enrolment letter templates
    • Certificate and Statement of Attainment templates
    • Complaints and Appeals forms and response templates and register
    • Confirmation of Enrolment templates
    • Credit Transfer form
    • Critical Incident Report form
    • Deferral, Suspension and Withdrawal forms and response letter templates
    • Direct Debit and Payment Schedule form
    • Documents Continuous Improvement Review Schedule template
    • Enrolment form
    • Enrolment Interview form
    • Formal Warning letter template
    • Graduation checklist and letter templates
    • Hazard Identification checklist
    • Induction PowerPoint template
    • Industry Engagement templates and register
    • Information Release forms – Students and Staff
    • Intervention Strategy form
    • Learning Journal template
    • Overdue Payment E-mail and Letter templates
    • Payment Refund form
    • Risk Management and Internal Audit Process checklist
    • Staff forms, matrixes, checklists and templates
    • Student Archive Record template
    • Student Handbook template
    • Student Unit Evaluation Survey template
    • Suggestion and Feedback form
    • Third-party Arrangement checklist
    • Work Placement Induction, Inspection and Report templates

Do I need to change the Policies & Procedures manual for my RTO?

Yes, it is always best practice to customise the policies and procedures to suit your RTO’s specific needs and operations. Our templates and documents are easy to amend and understand as the framework we provide you with is written with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

Can you provide customisation for the RTO policy and procedures manual?

Yes, we can add your RTO’s logo and branding on all of the documents and templates for you for a small fee of $299 (excluding GST).

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