New RTO Registration Services | RTO Setup

RTO Registration for new RTOs

Setting up an RTO can be challenging and overwhelming for most people. This includes those that have previously worked in the industry,  the constant change of legislation and regulations make it very difficult to ensure your RTO is compliant with the currently ASQA regulations.  The RTO startup costs also play a big factor for those thinking of starting an RTO. These are the reasons that many choose to use RTO compliance experts instead of having to shoulder most if not all the burden and responsibility yourself. Click here for more information.

RTO registrations as an RTO owner & operator, and has the knowledge and experience to smooth out the process for you. We will work with you at any and all stages of the process, as you prepare documents required for RTO registration, submit your application for RTO registration online, undertake your first audit, complete your initial RTO registration period, get your RTO registered, and long into the future.

  • Business plans for starting RTO
  • Student Modelling
  • Qualification Course development
  • Industry consultation
  • RTO registration project planning & management
  • RTO policies and procedures
  • Marketing & industry advice

We can help you with the whole process theater it is to manage the entire RTO registration process (set up the RTO  on your behalf ) or you are looking for some RTO compliance documents and templates. Become an RTO Guide available here.


If all this information should like a lot of work for one person to create it is. This is the reason that most people when they are thinking of launching a new Registered training organization they get assistance from an RTO consultant to help them understand all the requirements ASQA has for starting an RTO. Therefore before you submit your application and apply become an RTO you should make sure you have answered the below question

  • What fees are associated with the application to become an RTO
  • Is there an annual registration fee for RTO owners?