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Our RTO Learning Resources Include

Unlimited Student Use Licence

Assessment Tools With Clear Instructions

Assessor Guide With Benchmark Answers

Mapping Documents

Comprehensive Learner Resources

PowerPoint Presentations For Your Classroom Sessions

Our Popular RTO Training Materials


View the available in-demand automotive learning and assessment resources for your RTO.


We have a variety of resources for the Business Services training package. Buy the training and assessment tools now to deliver popular BSB courses.


Learn more about our high-quality Construction, Plumbing and Services assessor and learner materials.


We develop high standard CHC course materials for RTOs. Come find out more about our RTO materials for your CHC courses today.


We have the latest Health Training Package RTO materials. Purchase training resources now to deliver quality HLT training.

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Get Learning Resources

We work with niche and expert developers who create high quality resources for Certificates and Diploma Vocational Training and Assessment Resources for use in Registered Training Organisations across Australia. We vet each of the developers and only choose to work with those who produce the best learning and assessment materials.

The training and assessment tools are ready-to-use and highly customisable and are specially created for Australian Registered Training Organisations (RTOs):

  • High-quality assessment materials;
  • Learner guides;
  • Session delivery materials, including PowerPoint slides;
  • RPL kits and more.

RTO Training Resources and Assessment Materials

The training and assessment resources are easy to use not just for assessors, but your students as well. They have been developed in consultation with the industry and subject matter experts.

Our mission is to provide resources that RTOs find easy to use. They are easy to read and understand which benefits both your students, and your trainers and assessors. Each tool contains clear instructions, detailed marking guides, and comprehensive mapping.

We help you control your budget by offering a one-off-license-fee and there are no hidden charges like per student fee or an annual fee. There is also a compliance guarantee from the respective developers to give you a peace of mind.

Our vast range of resources is ready to purchase and can be downloaded in a few clicks, or the developers we work with can develop the resources you need based on your requirements.