Cloud Student Management System

Custom Software solution – (No longer available for RTOs)

Please note we do not provide or recomend any Student Management Systems to RTOs. Please do your own research and find the best provider that meets your needs.  If you are an education provider that is not an RTO and would like a custom solution with the ability to manage their students, trainers, and operations to meet reporting and compliance requirements Please contact us.

Our Software Developers can work with you to understand your requirements for a  Student Management Software program. Student Management systems have been created to make it easy for education providers to look after their students, trainers, finances, reporting obligations continuous improvement processes, and ensure they meet their compliance responsibilities.

We can create software with the following features (No longer available for RTOs)

Software Integration & Automation

We understand that you do not want to waste resources on repetitive administrative tasks such as manually creating documents or certificates. We can also create software that allows you to integrate your current accounting system, such as Xero or MYOB to help you save time and ensure your data is correct!

Learning Management system

We can create software that allows you to deliver your courses online and track the progress of all your students. This is all within the one system which means you save time and lets you focus on working with your students.

Custom Reporting

We can create custom software that enables you to complete your custom reports from the student management system. With built-in validation to ensure you are not missing any key data from your students.

Cloud-based Student Management

We can create software that allows you to manage your student’s enrolments, outcomes, and assessments. The software will allow you to maintain all our student records from one system. It also allows you to send emails, schedule classes, and much more.