Student Management System

Enhance your Student Management System with intuitive, engaging software

Student Management System software provides a total solution. The software enhances academics, students, and administrators to connect through one application. It allows you to obtain the students through your marketing channels and then enroll, bill, train, and assess the student. Trainers need to be able to organize classes, and teaching resources, and ensure their documents are up to date.  All these processes need to ensure they are in line with regulatory guidelines and requirements.

What is a Student Management System?

It’s amazing to think education providers were able to function before the software was readily available. Today, the complex and repetitive tasks that managers and teachers don’t want to complete are taken care of by the software. Pricing and guide for the Student management system/Registratined training Organisation software can change depending on your requirements. Please note we no longer offer  Cloud RTO software solutions for RTOs.

Although the software is known by different names the end goal is to make day-to-day processes of training easier. This allows teachers and managers to focus on critical activities such as managing your business and focusing on growing your business.  Training is complicated, this is the main reason education providers choose to have an SMS. This ensures they meet the legal requirements in Australia.

Cloud Student Management System Benefits

Cloud Student management system saves the information on the cloud, which means you can access the student information from any device, and if your local computer crashes you can go to another device and just log in and access the information you need. Locally saved SMS means you are saving the information on your local computer. This allows you to have a backup in case the computer crashes or is hacked.