What jobs can you get with a Diploma of Business?

What jobs can you get with a Diploma of Business?

A Diploma of Business is a very powerful qualification to have in today’s job market. With many Australian online courses offering recognised training, you can complete your diploma in as little as 12 months. Whether you decide to use your diploma as credit to get onto a degree course to further your development or, you want to pursue the employment option straight away, it is an essential qualification if you are looking for a career in the business sector. Once you have a Diploma of Business, you will find there is a wide range of employment options currently available to you.

A Diploma of Business course will cover a wide spread of topics that you will need to know about to work in various areas of business, such as, how to manage people and projects effectively, marketing, recruitment and payroll. The qualification is relevant to both private and government positions and will also teach you about, researching market trends and spotting opportunities, presenting strategic plans, risk assessment and how to organise information systems.

The average starting wage for someone with a Diploma of Business is approximately $76,000 p/a. As in any employment sector, this is likely to increase as you work your way up the career ladder and gain experience. The areas of business that offer the highest number of current employment options to people who hold a Diploma of Business are; banking & finance, human resources and admin & management. There are also plenty of job opportunities currently opening up in the areas of marketing & retail and trade & logistics for people with this qualification.

Realistically, a Diploma of Business will prove useful and give you an advantage in almost any industry. Even if you are self-employed, it will give you the tools you need to manage and grow your business successfully. Enrol today!

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