What are RTO Resources and How do RTO Consultants Use them?

Resources defined by the dictionary are a set of materials that can be used by a person or an organization to function effectively. Generally, they are used as references for lessons or write-ups as well as modules. For RTOs, resources are the most crucial part of the organization. It can either be easily-customizable policy documents, tools, and forms that are specially developed so RTOs can continue to comply with the standard for the Registered Training Organizations 2015. 

It varies depending on the specializations your RTO offers. These compliant learning resources help your organization become one of the most sought-after RTO by learners. Let’s find out more of the details regarding resources and their benefits to your organization.

What are the Types of RTO resources currently existing?

If you are planning to start your own RTO, it is always best to consider starting off having enough resources. These are the types of resources you should invest in:

1. RTO Assessment Tools

These are tools that are specially formulated for assessment. It is to help assessors know if the student is fully equipped and has passed the standards required by the relevant VET accredited course. In reference to the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), an effective assessment should be:

  • Fair. The RTOs should make sure that upon assessment, the learners are fully informed of the assessment process, and their needs are fully met. If ever the learner is unconvinced about the result, they should be allowed to challenge it and if necessary, to take a re-assessment.
  • Flexible. There should be different methods during an assessment. It should be depending on the context, the unit of competency, the assessment requirements, and the individual being assessed. A learner should still be assessed by the RTO even if she acquired the competency from another.
  • Valid. The assessment should show the integration of knowledge and skills in a practical application, as well as other similar situations. It should also be judged depending on how evident the learner’s performance is aligned to the competency unit/s and its associated assessment requirements, along with the broad range of skills and knowledge essential to a proficient performance.
  • Reliable. Interpretation of the results of the assessment should be similar or the same in reference to the evidence shown regardless of whoever the assessor may be. To put it simply, there should be a subjective judgment of the learner during the assessment and not depend on who it may be.

2. RTO Training Resources

These kinds of resources have the most impact on the learners as this is where they gain their skills and knowledge which are tested during the assessment. As there are so many options in the market, it is always best to choose your resources with care. Here are some tips on choosing the best training resources:

1. Ask for Samples. Always make sure that you have a preview of the resources they are to provide in each unit or qualification you are planning to purchase from them.

2. Validate the Sample. Since buying these resources will be an investment for the organization, always make sure to have the sample resources validated before buying the whole bulk.

3. Check for Wide Content Coverage. If investing, it is always best to get the best out of every penny. Buying a resource with a wide content coverage ensures that all necessary knowledge and skills are taught to the learners. You can get training resources samples at the following www.rtoadvantage.com.au. Some of the samples will be available on the website whilst others you will need to use the contact us section of the website.

Why do RTOs need Resources?

RTOs, like a lot of companies, have their own niche. The best way to find the best resources for your RTO is to identify your niche. After that, you can then plan the kinds of resources you will need. 

If your organization’s niche is quite unusual or highly technical, you would need to hire a lot of experts to oversee the important parts of the courses. Meanwhile, RTO resources can be developed so you have a basis on the lessons covered for each course even without the full-time attention of the experts.

Whilst RTOs with diversity can offer a wider selection of courses, and higher profit. Those focusing on one niche make that a factor their selling point as they exude having real expertise in their specialty field. This makes it more attractive to learners, as this means quality education. 

Most importantly, having resources that have passed quality assurance as well as those that are ASQA standard-compliant are great investments for your RTO. There are also some companies offering high-quality resources that have been used over the years and have actually passed the compliance audits of ASQA. These are the types of resources your RTO needs. 

How do Consultants Use Resources?

Consultants are experts who an organization hires to give advice for the establishment of their company, or in this case, the organization. One way that consultants use resources is to help you identify which parts of your organization are on the weak side and need improvement so your RTO will not be on the brink of being non-compliant with the standards. Have a look at these resources to assist you with training assessment in the workplace

For example, if you have several resources and tools but have not reached the standard set by the regulating agency, it is most likely that your registration would be questioned, or worse, removed. This is why it is inevitable to find consultants with great experience in handling RTO validations to help your organization effectively.


As we read more of the article, you are taught that quality resources and consultants are essential to a successful RTO. It is why you should hire RTO advantage consultants and buy our resources to ensure the growth of your organization. Not only that, investing and trusting us with your RTO needs will guarantee you a great return on investment in the near future. 

Take our tips and discussions by heart so you can have a smooth run of your organization. Always remember, great resources and consultants are key to every striving RTO that learners will come to.