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Code of conduct

Updated on 01 July 2020 1. Background Edna (“Edna,” “us,” “we,” or “our”) is an Australian-based organisation which complies with all relevant Australian Commonwealth, State and Territory legislation and regulatory requirements relevant to our operations, including the Australian Privacy Principles as outlined in the Privacy Act 1988. We also conform to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (EU), California Consumer Privacy Act (California, USA), and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (USA), as eventhough we are an Australian-based organisation, our students come from all over the world. Our vision is to make education as accessible as possible to people of all ages, transforming lives and creating the next generation of thought leaders and industry innovators. It is important to us that Edna is a safe space for all of our users – Instructors, learners and parents (of learners who are under 18) alike. We seek your cooperation in treating each other with respect, without bias or prejudice regardless of beliefs, opinions, race, cultural background, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, age and political inclinations. Below are some guidelines for our users. Should any member refuse to follow or meet these guidelines, their access to our website, platform and course(s) will be removed.

2. Learner Code of Conduct Edna strives to provide a supportive, inclusive, safe and positive experience to our students. In order for us to be able to do so, we seek your co-operation to:

  • Treat others with respect, dignity, and fairness.
  • Respect the rights and privacy of other students and staff members.
  • Accept cultural, gender, race, sexual preference, political affiliation, disability, religious belief, and other individual differences of other students and staff members.
  • Engage in practices that provide a positive, safe, and secure environment for all.
  • Follow all reasonable instructions and directives provided by our staff members.
  • Attend classes punctually and be responsible for your own learning and development by ensuring that you maintain progress with your learning.
  • Participate in the training and assessment activities actively and positively.
  • Seek out help and assistance where required.
  • Not disrupt the class consistently and egregiously.
  • Not bring any dangerous items onto any training and/or assessment sites, such as lighters and knives.
  • Not smoke in or around the training and/or assessment sites.
  • Maintain the peace of the learning environment.
  • Act and present your work honestly and ethically, without plagiarism, cheating, or collusion.
  • Be free from any prohibited drugs and substances, including alcohol.
  • Not be aggressive or behave in a violent manner towards any individual.
  • Not use or behave in an offensive, bullying, discriminatory, or harassing manner.
  • Refrain from any activity that deliberately obstructs, offends, harms, or injures others.
  • Make use of our facilities, equipment, and resources responsibly and respectfully without intentionally destroying or damaging them.
  • Abide by all laws, regulations, terms of enrolment, as well as our policies and procedures diligently.

Any learner that conducts themselves in a manner that contradicts the Student Code of Conduct, they may be liable for student misconduct and disciplinary action may be taken, such as:

  • A formal warning may be issued.
  • A student may be suspended from their training program.
  • A behavioural management contract may be enforced.
  • A student’s enrolment may be cancelled.

Parent Code of Conduct

Parents are encouraged to engage with their children during the courses and provide constructive feedback where necessary. Parents are asked to respectfully communicate with Instructors and to avoid displaying or participating in any harassing, discriminatory or prejudicial behaviour. We politely request for parents to help keep Edna a safe space for all users of our website and platform. Any parent that does not abide by these standards will be removed from Edna – this means that their child’s enrolment to a course and access to our platform will be terminated. 4. Instructor and Facilitator Code of Conduct Instructors are to only offer courses where they have appropriate background or expertise. Instructions are to maintain professionalism at all times and be aware of the boundaries present in all interactions between Edna, learners, parents and Instructors. Treat all learners with respect and do not submit any content or courses which are not of the highest quality, or recording or developing any content whilst under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Instructors are to model exemplary behaviour and create a safe and welcoming space for all learners and their parents (if the learners are under 18). Instructors are to ensure their courses are objective, secular and age-appropriate. There should be no mentions or references to religious or political beliefs, opinions or inclinations. There should be no objectionable or prejudicial content in any of the course materials or resources. Facts, ideas and theories that are grounded in science and accepted by the preponderance of experts in a field. Delivery of any course must be objective and accurate; be based on fact and evidence; presented using an unbiased perspective; acknowledge and present multiple viewpoints that exist on any relevant social, political and historical matters; unsensationalised and the delivery and content must not include any matters that are illegal or deemed to be illegal internationally. Course content, materials and resources should also not contain or promote any discrimination, hate speech, or violence. Material that may be disturbing or unacceptable to young children should be highlighted in the course description and material that may be objectionable to parents should be made clear. Any Instructors that do not abide by these standards will be removed from Edna.