Bachelor of Education (Early Years)

Bachelor of Education (Early Years)

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Information systems (IS) refers to the business side of technology. It looks at the way businesses structure their information architecture and the ways people and organisations use technology to improve their processes and workflows. This course gives you the skills to analyse data, existing information systems, plan new systems and find solutions to common IS management issues.

Information systems teaches you to use technology to effectively capture and use digital information in a business environment. An information systems professional focuses on applying technology and strategic decision-making to the managing of vast quantities of business’ information. In this course you’ll focus on developing and applying information technology solutions to real-life business problems. You’ll learn how to perform business analytics, develop business intelligence tool and the ability to critically analyse an organisation’s information needs so that you can decide on the best information management approach.

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Unit CodeUnit NameUnit Type
ELN010 (zero (0) credit points)Australian Literacy TestCore
ELN011 (zero (0) credit points)Australian Numeracy TestCore
ECE110Child Development 1Core
ECE111Curriculum 1: Pedagogies and PlayCore
ECE112Curriculum 2: Planning and Assessment for Teaching and LearningCore
ECP128Professional Knowledge (0-2 Years)Core
ECE130Partnerships with Families and CommunitiesCore
ECE120Contemporary Perspectives of EducationCore
ECE116Promoting Health, Wellbeing and NutritionCore
ECE140Creative Arts 1: Young Children and the ArtsCore
ECE220Science 1: Science and Environmental Awareness for Young ChildrenCore
ECE230Language and Literacy Development in Early ChildhoodCore
ECE211Mathematical Learning in the Early YearsCore
ECE241Creative Arts 2: Music and Visual ArtsCore
ECP228Professional Practice 2 (3-5 Years)Core
ECE360Protective Education and Child Well-BeingCore
ECE370Guiding Engaged, Resilient LearnersCore
ECE491Perspectives of Management and LeadershipCore
ECE404 (commences 2018)Inclusive Education for Young ChildrenCore
EEO320Humanities Education Across the Primary LevelsCore
ECP410Professional Teaching Practice and Child Study (0-3 Years)Core
ECE420Supporting Children Making TransitionsCore
ECE430Teacher as ResearcherCore
ECE320Science 2: Science and Design TechnologyCore
ECE330Multiliterate Learners in Early Years and School EnvironmentsCore
ECE455Effective Primary Mathematics LearningCore
ECP327Professional Engagement 1 (Primary School 1)Core
ECP427Professional Engagement 2 (Primary School 2)Core
ECE312Lifespan DevelopmentCore