Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) online

Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours)

  • Australian Accredited Qualification
  • Equivalent to on-campus qualifications
  • Overseas students eligible

Online Course Information

Deakin’s Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) is an innovative course focusing on software engineering, cyber-physical systems and robotics applications, producing sought-after graduates who will create the technologies of the future.

The rapid advancement of sensing and computing hardware supporting smart, connected devices is driving growing demand for software engineers who can move beyond traditional technologies such as web and database systems.

As a software engineer you will operate at the junction of software development and systems engineering, applying your specialised robotics and cyber-physical computing skills alongside hardware designers and application developers. You will drive the design and development of computing solutions that operate within and interact with people, environments, and other technologies.

During the course you will extend your skills beyond web and database technologies and desktop software patterns to acquire niche skills in robotics and cyber-physical computing in preparation for careers as innovative software engineers capable of developing the cyber-physical systems of the future.

As a graduate you will be well-equipped to find work developing and implementing state-of-the-art smart systems or frameworks into various existing industries such as health, fitness and travel.

Units in the course may include assessment hurdle requirements.


Deakin’s Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) produces sought-after graduates and focuses on a variety of innovative, software applications.

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Year One

Unit Code Unit Name Unit Type
STP050 (0 credit points) Academic Integrity Core
SIT010 (0 credit point unit) Safety Induction Program Core
SEJ010 (0 credit point unit) Introduction to Safety and Project Oriented Learning Core
SEJ101 (2 credit points) Design Fundamentals Core
SEB101 Engineering Physics Core
SIT199 Applied Algebra and Statistics Core
SIT107 (2 credit points) Software Engineering 1: Connecting the Cyber and Physical Worlds Core
SIT102 Introduction to Programming Core
SIT103 Data and Information Management Core

Year Two

Unit Code Unit Name Unit Type
STP010 (0 credit point unit) Introduction to Work Placements Core
SIT122 Robotics Studio Core
SIT232 Object-Oriented Development Core
SIT210 Embedded Device Development Core
SIT192 Discrete Mathematics Core
SIT209 (2 credit points) Software Engineering 2: Developing Internet-Of-Things Applications Core
SIT202 Networks and Communications Core
SIT221 Data Structures and Algorithms Core

Year Three

Unit Code Unit Name Unit Type
SIT315 Programming Paradigms Core
SIT307 Data Mining and Machine Learning Core
SIT314 Developing Scalable Internet-Of-Things Applications Core
SIT311(2 credit points) Software Engineering 3: Designing User-Centric Internet-Of-Things Application Core
SIT310 Robotics Application Development Core

Year Four

Unit Code Unit Name Unit Type
SIT430 ^(2 credit point unit) Software Engineering Project A Core
SIT432 ^ Developing Secure Internet-Of-Things Applications Core
SIT431 ^ (2 credit point unit) Software Engineering Project B Core
SIT433 ^ Software Engineering 4: Professional Industry Experience Core

Entry Requirements

School leavers will be based on  the following

  • Results in the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) or its equivalent.
  •  Pre-requisite units 3 and 4.
  • A study score of at least 25 in English as an additional language or 20 in English other than EAL.

Requirements for non-school leavers:

  • Certificate IV in a related study field OR
  • Nationally accredited  Diploma in any field  OR
  • Degree from another institution or  least two Deakin University units OR
  • other evidence of academic capability judged to be equivalent for example relevant work or life experience