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Certificate in BAS Agent Registration Skill Set

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In this online accounting course – FNSSS00004 BAS Agent Registration Skill Set training program, you will learn to complete business activity and instalment activity statements, and establish and maintain payroll systems.

Whether you want to learn the required accounting skills and knowledge to register as a BAS agent, or BAS responsibilities for your business, this online course can help you!



FNSTPB401 Complete business activity and instalment activity statements
  • Identify compliance and other requirements applicable to business activity
  • Analyse and apply industry codes of conduct associated with work activities
  • Review and apply goods and services tax (GST) implications and code transactions
  • Report on payroll activities and amounts withheld
  • Reconcile and prepare activity statement
  • Lodge activity statement


FNSTPB402 Establish and maintain payroll systems
  • Establish payroll requirements
  • Record payroll data
  • Prepare and process payroll
  • Handle payroll enquiries
  • Maintain payroll