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Bachelor of Cyber Security

Online Course Information

Deakin’s Bachelor of Cyber Security provides a solid foundation of the cyber security literacy and technical skills required by industry for a cyber security professional including those allowing you to be able to investigate and combat cyber-crime and cyber terrorism.

The digital world is central to the way we live, work, communicate and conduct business. Now more than ever, it’s vital that the data and systems providing these services be safeguarded by ethical professionals with strong cyber security literacy and technical skills.

Whether it’s keeping in touch with friends on social networks, paying bills online, or using water or electricity, we depend on secure networked systems to keep our confidential information safe and rely on the assurance provided by custodians of this information to carry out activities in our day-to-day lives. Governments, military, financial institutions, hospitals and other businesses are all facing an unprecedented sophistication of cyber-attacks and there is a shortage of people with the skills and capability needed to ensure security in cyberspace.

This course will teach you how to identify, diagnose, analyse and manage the challenges of Cyber security. You’ll cover areas such as computer crime and digital forensics, evaluating software for security vulnerabilities, designing secure databases, securing operating systems, assessing and reinforcing the security of websites, integrating security requirements into new developments, designing secure network architectures, performing risk assessments and responding to cyber security incidents.

Classes use specialised software to enable practice of real world cyber-attack and response scenarios. You’ll consequently get the chance to reflect on the need for cyber security in a working environment, and the various solutions that might apply.

The degree focuses on technical elements and sets you up with strong skills in critical thinking and problem solving. You’ll be able to apply your learning in the workplace, and capably deal with imminent threats and challenges from the digital space where interconnected vehicles, drones, smart home gadgets, mobile and wearable devices, and health-kits prosper.

The course will help you develop strong interpersonal skills and a capacity for team-work. You’ll also build your written and oral communications skills, which means that you’ll graduate as a qualified and highly employable IT professional.

Career options include work as a security analyst, project manager, security system manager, cryptographer, business analyst, consultant, security system developer or programmer, information security auditor, law enforcement personnel or IT security engineer. An honours year is available for high-achieving students upon completion of this degree.

As a graduate of this degree you’ll be eligible for professional recognition with the Australian Computer Society (ACS) – Australia’s leading professional association for the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector. As a member, you’ll receive international recognition for your skills as well as professional development opportunities, networking and information resources.

Units in the course may include assessment hurdle requirements.

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Year One

Unit CodeUnit NameUnit Type
SIT124Exploring I.T.Core
SIT105Thinking Technology and DesignCore
SIT182Real World Practices for Cyber SecurityCore
STP050 (0 credit points)Academic IntegrityCore
SIT010 (0 credit points)Safety Induction ProgramCore
SIT103Data and Information ManagementCore
SIT102Introduction to ProgrammingCore

Year Two

Unit CodeUnit NameUnit Type
SIT223Professional Practice in a Digital WorldCore
SIT192Discrete MathematicsCore
STP010 (0 credit points)Introduction to Work PlacementsCore
SIT202Networks and CommunicationsCore
SIT284Cyber Security ManagementCore
SIT282Computer Crime and Digital ForensicsCore

Year Three

Unit CodeUnit NameUnit Type
SIT374Project DesignCore
SIT384Data Analytics for Cyber SecurityCore
SIT379Ethical HackingCore
STP301Industry Based LearningCore
SIT302Project DeliveryCore
SIT382System SecurityCore