Master of Accounting and Law

Diploma of Accounting + Accounting Principles

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Do you want to kick start your career in accounting or financial services sooner? Are you a Manager who is struggling to understand the financials of a business to help make crucial decisions for your department? This online accounting course combines the foundation accounting units together with the nationally recognised Diploma of Accounting program to equip you with the knowledge and skills required to get you started!

In this fast-track program, you will learn the core skills and knowledge required to work in accounting at an intermediate-level such as preparing financial reports and tax documentation, and managing budgets and forecasts. You will also learn about management accounting, financial and business performance, financial transactions and internal control procedures. The practical skills you will learn can help you to evaluate, manage and strategise the finances for an organisation to help it acheive its financial goals.

Whether you want to run your own bookkeeping business, aspire to become an accountant one day, or work your way towards a Bachelor of Accounting program, the Diploma of Accounting will open doors and create rewarding opportunities for you. Visit the Dolph business School website to find out more information about the Diploma of Accounting.

The price for the online Diploma of Accounting + Accounting Principles Skill Set course includes:

  • Access to the learning material and assessments online
  • Access to a library of videos and study aids on AccountingCoach
  • Free MYOB Student software
  • A specially developed Ultimate Study Planner
  • 1-on-1 Trainer support
  • Post-graduation support



Business Accounting Foundations

FNSACC312 Administer subsidiary accounts and ledgers
  • Review accounts receivable requirements
  • Identify bad and doubtful debts
  • Review client compliance with terms and conditions and plan recovery action
  • Prepare reports and file documentation
  • Distribute creditor invoices for authorisation
  • Remit payments to creditors
  • Reconcile outstanding balances

FNSACC408 Work effectively in the accounting and bookkeeping industry
  • Develop professional working relationships
  • Identify compliance requirements and support materials
  • Set up and maintain systems to meet compliance requirements
  • Work autonomously or in a team to complete work activities
  • Develop and maintain own competency

FNSACC416 Set up and operate a computerised accounting system
  • Implement integrated accounting system
  • Process transactions in system
  • Maintain system
  • Produce reports

FNSACC516 Implement and maintain internal control procedures
  • Review corporate governance requirements
  • Implement internal control operating procedures
  • Monitor internal control operating procedures

FNSACC607 Evaluate business performance
  • Analyse trends in performance
  • Develop performance indicators
  • Identify options for improvement

Payroll and Tax Essentials

FNSTPB401 Complete business activity and instalment activity statements
  • Identify compliance and other requirements applicable to business activity
  • Analyse and apply industry codes of conduct associated with work activities
  • Review and apply goods and services tax (GST) implications and code transactions
  • Report on payroll activities and amounts withheld
  • Reconcile and prepare activity statement
  • Lodge activity statement

FNSTPB402 Establish and maintain payroll systems
  • Establish payroll requirements
  • Record payroll data
  • Prepare and process payroll
  • Handle payroll enquiries
  • Maintain payroll

FNSACC512 Prepare tax documentation for individuals
  • Gather client income data and verify client, organisational and legislative requirements
  • Identify, record and present client’s non-complex income tax documentation
  • Manage lodgement of client’s non-complex income tax documentation

Budgets and Financial Tools

FNSACC513 Manage budgets and forecasts
  • Prepare budget
  • Forecast estimates
  • Document budget
  • Monitor budget outcomes

FNSINC602 Interpret and use financial statistics and tools
  • Apply statistical methods to work
  • Source and interpret statistical data
  • Analyse data using appropriate techniques and tools
  • Record statistical data analysis results anda records

FNSORG506 Prepare financial forecasts and projections
  • Plan preparation timetable
  • Identify assumptions and parameters
  • Issue instructions and relevant aids for preparation of forecasts and projections
  • Collect, consolidate, model and analyse data
  • Document results and obtain approval


BSBFIA401 Prepare financial reports
  • Maintain asset register
  • Record general journal entries for balance day adjustments
  • Prepare final general ledger accounts
  • Prepare end of period financial reports

FNSACC311 Process financial transactions and extract interim reports
  • Check and verify supporting documentation
  • Prepare and process banking and petty cash documents
  • Prepare and process payable and received invoices
  • Prepare journals
  • Update financial data and systems
  • Prepare deposit facility and lodge flows
  • Finalise trial balance and interim reports

FNSACC511 Provide financial and business performance information
  • Assess client needs
  • Analyse data
  • Prepare and provide financial and performance advice to client

FNSACC514 Prepare financial reports for corporate entities
  • Compile and analyse data
  • Prepare reports

FNSACC517 Provide management accounting information
  • Gather and record operating and cost data
  • Analyse data and assign costs
  • Prepare cost reports and budgets
  • Analyse variances and review costing system integrity

FNSORG505 Prepare financial reports to meet statutory requirements
  • Identify statutory requirements for reports
  • Plan for provision of reports
  • Analyse and consolidate reports
  • Submit reports for authorisation
  • Distribute reports