Open Colleges

Who are Open Colleges?

Open Colleges is an organisation that helps students interested in studying nationally recognised online courses. Open colleges have a partnership with a number of Australian educational providers – both private colleges and public TAFEs – and delivers online training to students.

What is the difference between EDNA and Open colleges?

EDNA is a resource developed for our students to find information about our online courses, as well as information about other online courses that are popular. EDNA is in no way affiliated with any of the universities on this platform. We do our best to ensure the integrity of the information provided to you but accept no liability for any of the services the colleges and universities we feature to offer.

Open Colleges, on the other hand is a training provider who partners with other colleges and TAFEs to deliver accredited online training to their students.

What are the disadvantages of using Open colleges?

Open Colleges delivers training and accredited TAFE courses on behalf of a number of training providers – they partner with them to provide you with the training via their online portal. They are not a platform that you would use to compare courses and find one that is suited to your needs, which some people think they are. This means you could be missing out on other options that may suit your career goals and ambitions better.

It is crucial that you do your research and compare the courses on the market before enrolling. Check out what units are being delivered and whether that matches with your goals. Check what course fees they charge and what is included in the course fees. For example, do you have to pay extra for re-enrolment? Do you get access to a library of resources and not just what’s on their online portal? Are there additional charges for re-assessment? What exactly are you paying for and is it value for money?