Anytime people are looking into a specific course they want to see what job opportunities are available in that specific field and accounting is no different. One of the advantages of accounting over some of the other subjects is that undertaking an online course doesn’t have an impact on your learning because most of the subject is related to numbers. Although there is obviously human interaction with being an accountant most people are just looking for someone that knows what they are doing with the profit and loss statement instead of having a nice interaction. Having said just because you have completed your Australian Accounting course online Online Bookkeeping course does mean you can be rude towards your clients. It is always important for an accountant to treat their clients with respect and friendliness because no matter how good you are with people’s accounts if you are rude you are going to lose clients. The below section is going to outline information about the employment outlook for accountants and some of the challenges the industry has been facing in recent years and will help you make the decision if this course is right for you. Details for the course can be found here. The employment outlook for accountants. As with all career paths, if you are studying to be a qualified accountant or bookkeeper by studying online. For a long time, accountancy was seen to be a safe and secure career choice. However, in recent years it has been noted that, with a large number of foreign migrants coming to Australia with degrees in accountancy or studying for such qualifications, there has been a 13% drop in the number of Australian students finding employment within 3 months of qualifying between 2001 and 2012. These figures are compounded by the fact there has also been a 20% drop in the number of Australians studying accountancy during the same period, while there has been a 500% increase in migrants studying for the degree. Not to panic though! Recent studies show that there has been a large and rapid increase in the number of job openings for accountants over the last 5 years. This trend is expected to continue, at least, until well into 2019. In fact, recruitment experts are saying they expect to see over 50,000 new positions opening up between now and November 2019. Also, a growing number of foreign students are deciding to take their qualifications home with them rather than seek work in Australia. The highest likely areas of accountancy that you can expect to see positions becoming available are: Payroll officers for large firms or companies. Accounts payable and receivable officers. Accounts clerks and bookkeepers. Credit Controllers. Audit professionals. Which accounting Job should I choose? Once you have completed your qualification it is important to ask yourself some questions prior to choosing which accounting job you want to do. Is working near your place of residence important to you? Does working with the right people or company have any impact on your decision or are you a person that is purely motivated by money? Once you have answered these questions you will be able to effectively choose the right career path for you. According to recruitment professionals, a candidate for an accounting role should have no great difficulty finding employment in the foreseeable future, as long as they are well-trained, dedicated to the role, and, importantly, keep up to date with their recruiter and social media (especially LinkedIn). Accountancy, like most fields of business, will rise and fall in demand from time to time, but, for the next few years at least, demand should remain high. A good resource for looking for accounting jobs in Melbourne is Indeed.